Guru Gama, Koslanda, Sri Lanka
Guru Gama, Koslanda, Sri Lanka

Welcome to Guru Gama
Community of the Wise

"If you travel with knowledge you find God's forest.
If you travel in ignorance you go astray."
(traditional village saying)

Deep in the heart of Serendib lies a hidden Kingdom ruled by a playful undying spirit. There, where the heroes of myth and legend have trodden – the Buddha, Murugan, Dionysus and al-Khadir among others – begins a magical quest for those who dare to undertake it. It is a quest that can only be completed only by those who possess the gift of serendipity.

If you delight in the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries, and like Lewis Carroll's White Queen can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast, then you are ready to enter God's Magical Forest, ascend His sacred Seven Hills, and find the Water of Life at the confluence of two sacred rivers.

You are invited to wander the forest home of the Green Man, to watch the elephants walk their paths of awakening, and to search for the Water of Immortality. This reality is what we invite the chosen few to share.