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Hi from CNN. I’m David Rind with the five things you need to know for Saturday, July 30.

Andy Beshear (Governor of Kentucky)


At least 25 people lost. They are 25 Kentuckians, children of God. And I know there will be many more.

David Rind (Host)


That was Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear on CNN earlier this morning updating the death toll in this week’s historic floods. The governor said the National Guard performed more than 660 air rescues and more than 600 water rescues as entire communities were swept away. And we may have to get used to scenes like these. CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar says climate change is making extreme weather events like these more common.

Allison Chinchar (journalist)


We have had not one but two floods every thousand years. We had one earlier in the week that hit the greater St. Louis area. It’s one of those things where it’s a component of climate change. This is one of the great connection points that we can make, because when you have a warmer atmosphere, that atmosphere can hold more moisture. And if it can hold more moisture, that means that as these systems come in, they have the potential to dump a lot more rain than they normally would if climate change wasn’t. involved.

David Rind (Host)


We have new data from the CDC on monkeypox, just over two months since the first US case was reported. There are now more than 5,000 probable or confirmed cases in the United States. Meanwhile, local officials aren’t waiting for the Biden administration to declare a nationwide public health emergency. Take New York, for example. He leads the nation in monkeypox cases. Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of disaster emergency last night. She says this will allow healthcare workers to take additional steps to boost vaccination efforts. In San Francisco, a local health emergency will go into effect Monday.

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We told you in our last update that someone won the $1.34 billion Mega millions jackpot last night. We now know that the winning ticket was sold just outside of Chicago. The Speedway gas station will earn half a million dollars just by selling it. But what we still don’t know is who had the winning numbers. So check your ticket, because whoever it is, they still have time, but not forever.

Harold Mays (Illinois Lottery Manager)


The winner has 12 months from the date of the draw to claim their prize. However, if they only have 60 days from the draw date to choose whether or not they want to take the cash option or not.

David Rind (Host)


It’s Harold Mays, director of the Illinois Lottery. Mays says if the winner opted for the cash option, it would be a whopping $780 million payout, making it the biggest lottery prize ever won in Illinois.

David Rind (Host)


In North Carolina, federal officials are investigating a strange and tragic in-flight incident. The FAA told CNN that a twin-engine plane made an emergency landing in the grass at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Friday afternoon. According to an airport spokesperson who spoke to CNN affiliate WRAL. A pilot was found in the plane. However, there were two pilots when it took off. The co-pilot’s body was later discovered in a town about 15 miles southwest of Raleigh. The Fuquay-Varina Police Department says it’s unclear whether he jumped from the plane or just fell, but he was not wearing a parachute.

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Then where did I leave that rocket debris? China is spacing out again.

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Happy to see you again.

David Rind (Host)


Keep your eyes on the sky. You might just see a piece of space junk coming back to earth. Here’s the deal. US Space Command said a Chinese rocket delivered a module to its space station last Sunday. Now the debris from that rocket is coming down and no one knows exactly where it will land. Don’t be too alarmed, though. Space Command tracks its every move, and scientists say the risk of being hit by space debris is extremely minimal. But this is not the first time China has been accused of being too lax with its space junk. Just last year, the remnants of a similar rocket landed in the Indian Ocean. CNN has contacted the Chinese space agency for comment.

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That’s all for us today. But we’ll be back tomorrow with our Sunday edition. We’ll see if the January 6 hearings reach Republican voters in Arizona. Some really interesting takeaways there. You can listen on your favorite podcast app or on your smart speaker. I am David Rind. Talk to you next time.

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