A few weeks before the election of the mayor, the Council is still examining the model of the city manager | Local News

Other cities with directors include Sacramento, California; Austin Texas; and Charlotte, North Carolina, Grant said. However, there is no legislation before Council on creating such a structure in Buffalo, and any attempt to change the form of governance in the city would have to go through a city-wide ballot referendum. , which is practically impossible to accomplish for the month of November. .2 election.

A city manager would work with, be guided by, and be held accountable to the combined group of elected officials. The director would produce strategic plans, budgets, policies and procedures and pursue the goals and outcomes set by the collective body, Grant said.

Buffalo’s form of governance works well when mayors and councils work together, Grant said.

“They are working together. Everything is moving forward. Information is shared both ways,” he said.

But when that doesn’t work, some information may not reach the Council.

“Not to say it’s like that here, but just to understand, when we look at forms of government, what are some of the potential problems that might arise in these different forms of government,” Grant said. “When you look at a council / managerial model, the mayor is part of the council. The mayor is always the figurehead of the city. The mayor is always the one who represents, at this stage, the interests of the city to the public, is always the one who collaborates and makes sure that the council works together to arrive at these decisions, always reaches out to the voters and the people of the city … the city manager … is hired by the majority of the council to lead the government, to ensure that the programs and services offered are delivered effectively, efficiently and equitably to the people and they are accountable to the Council.

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