A unique rally for a unique cause – OmegaPro rallies an incredible fleet of supercars from Latvia to Montenegro

The scenic banks of the Dauvaga River are overrun with supercars rallying for a cause.

Ready to race for OneLife Rally

OmegaPro prepares to run for humanity and peace.

Supercars line up in Riga, Latvia

A luxury supercar display in Riga, Latvia for the first time on Route 22.

OneLife Rally, backed by global marketing leaders OmegaPro, kicks off its sixth-year tour in a celebration of diversity, generosity and volunteer well-being.

Change is the only constant – explore, experiment and excel! Such experiences can be magical and overwhelming. Just like this rally which brings a beautiful message to these beautiful places.

—Andreas Szakacs, CEO, OmegaPro

RIGA, LATVIA, July 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ —

It’s not often you see the extravagance dedicated to nobility.
It’s not often you see the exuberance for a cause.
It’s not often you see the exaggeration for durability.

An ode to Latvia’s iconic E22 road

Latvia’s capital, Riga, known as the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Baltics, has seen the start of a one-of-a-kind summit that may live on in the city’s rich history of championing a contemporary culture extraordinary in the most incredibly subtle exterior. . The OneLife Rally, backed by global marketing leader OmegaPro, has returned home to accelerate its sixth chapter from the scenic banks of the Daugava River in Riga, just off the archetypal E22 road – one of the most long transcontinental routes from Europe that connects Asia.

Last year’s rally recorded more than 5,000 footsteps from passionate motoring enthusiasts and the OmegaPro community on Day 1 itself, in a setting that looks set to topple last year’s record by more than 100,000 visitors by the end of the rally over the next seven eventful days. .

A Luxury Takeover – Supercars Take Over 11 Novembra Krastmala

Overlooking the calm Daugava River, starting the engines from the serene smoothness of the Grand Kempinski Riga premises, the participating supercars took charge of one of Riga’s best-known stretches – 11 Novembra Krastmala throughout the Saturday after- noon until dusk. a spectacular start on Sunday.

A welcome note from OneLife CEO Nik Papič and in the presence of OmegaPro Enterprises, CEO Andreas Szackacs, CNO Dilawar Singh and President Nader Poordeljoo, their motto – when driving becomes a philosophy – was loudly endorsed. Featuring purpose-built and modified supercars, this is a rally for car enthusiasts that gives voice to less-privileged children.

With the 2022 edition, the Rally passes through 10 of Europe’s most breathtakingly scenic nations and pit stops in 7 of its striking landscapes. Taking off from Riga, this memorable stretch joins the southern province of Portonovi, along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, marking the end of the season.

2800 kilometers of picturesque and imperturbable Balkan beauty.
100 uniquely designed modified supercars and their owners from 30 countries.
Unlimited passion, immeasurable impact.

Participating Supercars – Legends of Speed, Luxury and Balance

Over the next week, the most sought after, most rarely made, most advanced and most uniquely modified supercars will pass the most remarkable by-product of the historic revolution – the Polish capital Warsaw, and then cross the majestic peaks of the Slovak High Tatras, where sage-like mountains touch the sky and tower over dark turquoise mountain lakes of glacial origin.

Super advanced, extremely fast and exotic supercars like Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ferrari California, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Huracán, McLaren 720S, Porsche Carrera GT, Bentley Continental GT, Dodge Viper , the BMW M8 and the Maserati GT drove through town . Car Enthusiasts Day was held in Ljubljana as they had the chance to take a closer look, take photos and even sit inside these rarest, slimmest, most popular supercars. meanest and most majestic.

Driving Bucket List – Riga Montenegro in a flicker

Making this edition of the Rally a real check-off on any car enthusiast’s driving list and truly making rallying “a lifetime”, the middle of this week will see these supercars and their inspiring super-entrepreneurs reach the ” green capital” of Slovenia – Ljubljana.

Then it’s time to explore the Italian deep-water port city of the Gulf of Trieste on the craziest wheels ever created as it is considered a sea gate for northern Italy, Germany, Austria and Central Europe and as the end point of maritime silk. Road, with its connections with the Suez Canal and Turkey. The city sits at the intersection of Latin, Slavic and Germanic cultures, where Central Europe meets the Mediterranean Sea, and is home to diverse ethnic groups and religious communities – in line with our key belief – to bring together a like-minded community under the same roof. core belief and cumulative support system.

The rally comes full circle – as towards the end of this memorable journey it will swim for the first time in the dreamy blue waters of the Croatian coast in Split before bidding farewell in the Bay of Kotor from Portonovi, before returning to the Balkans in Montenegro.

Driving a Philosophy and Creating Wealth Without Boundaries – Aligning OmegaPro’s Vision for Generations to Come

While similar events of similar magnitude choose far more fanciful and high-profile routes for their cause, OneLife maintains that its ultimate goal is to transform the passion of driving into the ancient realms of pure philosophy to help those who care. need. This is where creativity and resources come together and the entrepreneurial magic begins with the global networking power of its biggest supporters – OmegaPro.

We rush to restore the faith and care this region truly deserves – too exquisite to explain in words. OmegaPro races to create wealth without borders for people without borders, to help millions of people in need by giving them the platform to take a second chance at life and win. Then these two industry giants come to a common melting point where together they want to give back to their communities, to children, to those in need, to those who need a helping hand to transform their lives, a once and for all.

OmegaPro is for everyone. This rally is a simple instrument to peek through the windows of successes and learn how they do, what they do – the means to accomplishment, the means to legacy, the means to build a better future for generations to come.

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