Amit Bagga, new named Hochul, wants to finance the police

A day after claiming his administration officials don’t believe in funding cops, Gov. Kathy Hochul appointed a newcomer who apparently does – a failed New York City Council candidate who wants to cut NYPD’s budget by $ 3 billion.

Last Friday, Hochul appointed Amit Bagga as his deputy secretary for intergovernmental affairs. He lost the city council primary in June to the seat of District 26 in Queens despite the support of Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Political Action Committee.

Bagga’s archived campaign site, which was pulled last week, says it wants to cut the NYPD budget by $ 3 billion, or about a third, within two to four years.

He also proposed reducing the size of the force by 5%, removing cops from public schools and mental health interventions, and “decriminalizing all drugs.”

In responses to an online questionnaire of the Jim Owles Democratic Club in January, Bagga wrote: “I strongly believe in dismantling the specific type of police state we live in and I think the police need to withdraw from most of the activities of what we see as” the police “. ‘”

He added that the criminal justice system is “rooted in the original sin of slavery, and the system itself is armed to criminalize, impoverish and murder black Americas in particular.”

Governor Kathy Hochul has repeatedly asserted that his administration does not support funding for the police.
David ‘Dee’ Delgado / REUTERS

Despite Bagga’s controversial public positions, Hochul claimed Thursday: “We do not support the funding of the police. No one in my administration does.

“It was a slogan that had very negative connotations. And I believe we need to continue funding the state police to make sure they can protect, especially black and brown communities where sadly and tragically so many black and brown communities are the toughest, ”he said. Hochul said in his Manhattan office. Last week.

She made the remarks after a Post article noted that her new lieutenant governor, Brian Benjamin, tweeted his support for the fundraising movement in January.

“I support the movement to fund the police because I think there are parts of the NYPD budget that are not essential to public safety,” Benjamin wrote at the time.

Bagga, who served in Mayor de Blasio’s administration as deputy director of the New York City Census Bureau, will be a key aide to Hochul, negotiating on his behalf with state-level officials, city ​​and local.

Contacted by phone, Bagga declined to comment.

Nick Langworthy, the state’s GOP chairman, lambasted Bagga’s appointment.

“Within a month, Kathy Hochul piled the highest levels of her administration with extreme radicals and paved the way for the release of thousands of criminals. She’s so desperate to avoid a primary that she’s become a full AOC, ”Langworthy said.

Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who plans to challenge Hochul in the general election, said: “With the appointment of Amit Bagga, Kathy Hochul continues her mission of filling the ranks of her administration with those who want to finance, dissolve, dismantle or abolish the police. , abandon the streets of our communities to criminals and sacrifice the safety of everyday New Yorkers and their families.

A spokeswoman for Hochul did not return a request for comment on Bagga, but previously told The Post of Benjamin’s anti-cop comments: “Governor Hochul does not support police funding.

“In the Hochul administration, public safety, justice and accountability in the police service are not mutually exclusive, and the governor and the lieutenant governor are united on these priorities,” said the representative.

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