Byron Brown declares victory in Buffalo mayoral race

Incumbent Byron Brown claimed victory in the Buffalo municipal election last week, along with his opponent, Democratic candidate India Walton, everything except concede Wednesday.

Buffalo residents hold signs encouraging people to vote in last Tuesday’s municipal election.

Walton, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, defeated Brown in the Democratic primary last spring, but Brown launched a campaign in writing to keep his job and win an unprecedented fifth term as mayor of Buffalo.

“Today’s election was not just a referendum on the leadership of the city of Buffalo,” Brown said in a address to cheering supporters on election night. “It was a referendum on the future of our democracy and our vision for our future. At the very beginning, they said that you couldn’t win, that it was impossible to win by writing [candidate]. But you can never count a Buffalon.

Walton seemed to have some hope for victory but admitted his chances looked slim.

“Tens of thousands of mail and mail ballots have yet to be compiled, and we believe democracy demands that every vote be counted and that any irregularities that have occurred be exposed,” Walton said. in a press release. declaration shared on his Twitter account the day after the election. “However, as we expect the margins to narrow, it seems unlikely that we will end up with enough votes to usher in a Walton administration in January.”

Walton garnered 23,986 votes, or 41.2 percent of all votes cast in person, while the remainder, 34,273 votes, went to one of three registered candidates, according to Buffalo News. About 3,410 mail-in ballots, or about 5.5% of the total, have still not been counted.

But Brown’s apparent victory was not called by the Associated press and cannot be confirmed until later this month. Postal ballots stamped on Election Day should be counted as long as they arrive before November 9. And due to state election law, the Erie County Elections Board will not begin reviewing written ballots until November 17. Brown is expected to win the large majority of those written ballots, but Benjamin carlisle and Jaz Miles also ran written campaigns for mayor.

Whatever happens, the state must certify the election before November 27.

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Grant Ashley is an Associate Feature Editor for Spectrum. He graduated in political science and minor in Spanish (poor). He enjoys taking long bike rides and recreating Bob Ross paintings in pencil.

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