Chile Christian Democrat candidate fighting to bring the center-left to power

Santiago de Chile, August 21 (EFE) .- Christian Democracy Senator Yasna Provoste will seek to return the Chilean presidency to the center-left in the November 21 elections, after winning the citizen consultation organized by her party on Saturday, having been weakened by internal differences and poor electoral results.

The Senate leader, with her role as head of the Upper House, has gained high visibility by leading negotiations with President Sebastian Pinera to increase state aid amid a pandemic, a role that has placed her in the polls as a possible presidential candidate. .

“The clear signal that we want to say is that we are going to open La Moneda (seat of government) to this true Chile, to regions, communities and rural areas, this is our commitment, to move forward in a decisive in making ours a country that sets aside exclusions, ”she declared, celebrating her triumph.

Minister of former presidents Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet, the current senator of the Atacama region has become the unique face of the center-left alliance known as the Constituent Unit (UC), which brings together the DC with the Socialist Party ( PS), the Party for Democracy (PPD), the Radical Party (PR), the Liberal Party (PL) and the New Deal movement.

With 70.2% of polling stations scrutinized at the national level, the National Organizing Commission – a space made up of members of the six parties involved – indicated that Provoste obtained 60.5% of the preferences, against 27% of the candidate. Paula Narvaez, of the Socialist Party (PS) and 12.4% of the third candidate, Carlos Maldonado, of the Radical Party (PR).

Responsibility now rests on Provoste’s back to bring the center-left back to power, which, under coalitions of different faiths, has shared power with the right for 30 years, but is currently facing a turbulent internal scenario.

The situation is complex even within DC itself, where Provoste has also starred in episodes which have highlighted these differences, she has even been called upon to quit the party due to disagreements with parliamentarians from her own bench.

“We have managed to overcome a series of obstacles because we know that there is nothing more important than Chile,” said Provoste on Saturday.

The DC was one of the parties with the worst results in the elections last May where the delegates who make up the Constitutional Convention, the body responsible for drafting the country’s new constitution, were elected.

The electoral debacle was such that the party found itself without a leader, but on Saturday its president, Carmen Frei -daughter of former Chilean president Eduardo Frei Montalva-, claimed the triumph of Provoste, noting that he is ” important “for them to know that the party” is alive. ” EFE

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