Cuomo comuppance and other comments

From left to right: Comeuppance de Cuomo

“Seventy-four thousand documents, 200 interviews, 168 pages and five months after” State Attorney General Tish James began her investigation into Governor Cuomo, “investigators were able to corroborate nearly every detail of the wave of allegations, “confirming” what almost a dozen women told us from the start: Cuomo is a hot trash, ” blows up Alexis Grenell from The Nation. In addition to verifying “the allegations of disgusting comments and forced contact, they surprised the governor in various lies, large and small.” He even lied “about not knowing the lyrics of a song, which was easily refuted by audio tapes”. And in his pre-recorded response, “Well lit and makeup – possibly provided by his brother, who moonlights as a crisis PR consultant while claiming to be a reporter on CNN – he gave a master class in gas lighting. ” Boasting about his “sideways fuss as a rape counselor in his own family,” Cuomo “vehemently peddled the illusion that his only crime was caring too much.”

Libertarian: Blas’ Vax Tyranny

Mayor de Blasio’s plan “to create a class of citizens excluded from civic life is an intolerable imposition on the freedoms of New Yorkers” Reason’s Brian Doherty smokes. Making it illegal for people without “proof of vaccination to work or be customers of the city’s gymnasiums, entertainment venues and indoor restaurants is a grotesquely unconstitutional tyranny” that violates “freedom of movement, commerce and trade. association ”. The fact that “the vaccinated can also transmit the virus makes all the more clear the purely punitive nature of its takeover”. The average daily death toll in New York “inspiring the tyranny of Blasio” has been “four per day over the past week”. The attempts of our “political class” to pretend “to run a” risk-free “society are” getting darker and crazier week by week. “

Media watch: bury Cuomo’s accusers

The report “detailing multiple substantiated sexual harassment charges against” Governor Cuomo “quickly grabbed the headlines,” but most of the media had buried the original charges, Fox News Lindsay Kornick rating. When Lindsey Boylan accused Cuomo of sexual harassment in December, ABC, CBS and NBC went silent, as did CNN, who waited until February and gave the story just 39 seconds. This contrasts sharply “with the reaction of the mainstream media to the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.” These networks and others have also ignored Cuomo’s sixth accuser: the former aide who has now filed a criminal complaint for his alleged groping.

Progressive: Adams Against Socialism

Eric Adams thinks he represents the future of the Democratic Party – which means going “to war with the socialist left”, writes Ross Barkan to his Substack. “Across the country, the socialists of the DSA are mobilizing to arrest Eric Adams,” said the mayor on hold. He poses a threat to Democratic Socialists trying to take control of the dominant left, says Barkan: He is a black NYPD officer who appeals to “the black and Latino working class of New York, as well as a mixture of white moderates ”, and hit“ on something of a soft underbelly of the socialist left: public security. Yet many working class Adams voters rely on the safety net, and unless it delivers for them, the “DSA will continue to win the election.”

Technical office: “social credit” has arrived

Big Tech quickly unveils “the predecessors of what could effectively become a soft social credit system by the end of this decade,” Kristin Tate warns at The Hill. China has already established one, “a combination of government and commercial surveillance that gives citizens a ‘score’ that can restrict individuals’ ability to take action – like buying plane tickets, acquiring property, or contracting contracts. ready “. US tech giants are taking similar action; Witness PayPal’s partnership with the Anti-Defamation League to identify and fund “extremist” groups and Facebook’s encouragement of users to “sniff” on friends with “anti-government” views. Warning: “The growth of such restrictions, which will only accelerate with the support of (usually) left-wing politicians, could create a system in which individuals who lack certain political views could be excluded from polite society. and unable to make a living. ”

– Compiled by Kelly Jane Torrance and Sohrab Ahmari

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