Daines confident that “For the People Act” will fail in Senate

Montana Senator Steve Daines was on the KGVO Montana Morning News Tuesday morning, the same day the Senate would vote on the “For the People” law, for which Daines had a different name.

“It should be called the ‘For Corrupt Politicians’ law,” said Senator Daines. “In fact, this bill is the brainchild of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the left’s attempt to rewrite the rules to favor Democrats in electoral law. So frankly, they can win more elections. That’s what it’s about. I will oppose it today. There is only one Democrat in the Senate who will oppose it, and that is Joe Manchin.

Daines counted the many everyday reasons Americans have to use photo ID to obtain goods and services.

“If you want to go and buy a hunting license, you need photo ID; a fishing license? One piece of photo identification; do you want to rent a car? You need a photo ID. Do you want to rent a hotel room? One piece of photo identification. Want to get a library card? This also requires a photo ID. So it makes sense that you would need to have photo ID to vote. This bill would cancel it. In other words, it would be a federal takeover of our election, and frankly, a takeover by the Democrats because it just favors them. This is the whole story. The power was taken by.

Daines mentioned a recent visit he had with Montana Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen regarding the importance of Montana’s electoral security laws.

“We need safe and secure elections,” he said. “Montana has passed common sense bills to strengthen electoral integrity. On Friday I was in Helena and met our Secretary of State Christi Jacobson. She does a great job of ensuring that the Montana election is fair. Remember when Montana passed this law earlier this year, Chuck Schumer went to the US Senate and he singled out Montana, and he called what we did in Montana despicable.

Regarding the current crisis on the southern border, Daines recalled the success of former President Trump in building his border wall.

“Trump’s policies have dramatically reduced the number of illegal people crossing the border,” he said. “What happened is (President) Biden reversed these policies when he was sworn in, so it can be stopped, but it takes the right policies. President Trump was on the right track. He was doing the right things and he brought him back to a much better situation and Biden has reversed that now. We have this crisis now, and it is the worst in 21 years. “

The “For the People” law will require 65 votes in the US Senate, and Daines said the Democratic majority would not have the votes to pass the bill.

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