Democratic Congresswoman Val Demings campaigns for Senate seat with ‘affordability tour’


Florida Congresswoman Val Demings is on a three-day tour to explain why she will be the one to make housing affordable in Florida. Demings is campaigning for the Senate seat that Republican Marco Rubio currently holds.

Val Demings is currently a representative for the West Orlando area.

Not much is affordable in Florida. No rent, home insurance or medication. Democratic Senate hopeful Demings thinks she can fix that, and she wants to do it from the seat of incumbent Republican Marco Rubio.

“Senator Rubio has been elected since 1998. Good for him. If he thinks it worked for him, I picked tough jobs,” Demings said.

The former Orlando police chief continued her campaign in Fort Myers on Wednesday as part of her “affordability tour.” Demings visited a drugstore in Dunbar, Harlem Heights to talk about affordable housing and small businesses in South Fort Myers. “I am doing now and will continue to do what I have always done. And that’s to work on behalf of everybody and not pick winners and losers based on their political party,” Demings said.

As far as political parties go, Demings is in a tough spot as President Joe Biden’s approval ratings plummet further and Democrats in Florida struggle to do anything.

WINK News asked her if she thought it would impact her campaign. “You control the things you can control. We have a very aggressive schedule in Washington DC and I will continue to work on that schedule,” Demings said.

Marco Rubio’s team called Deming’s program laughable in a press release. You can read the full statement below:

Val Demings is today launching what she laughingly calls an ‘affordability tour’, hoping the name will somehow absolve her of all the times she has voted to return life less affordable for Floridians.

In Congress, Demings has:

  • Championed Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Socialist agenda, voting to raise taxes for working families while cutting taxes for millionaires in blue states like New York and California.
  • Voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which doubled the child tax credit for working families thanks to Senator Rubio.
  • Voted for the Congressional Progressive Caucus’ Green New Deal, which would add a $10.25 a barrel tax on oil.

“Val Demings has always voted to raise taxes and raise costs for Floridians – she can’t sweep that under the rug. Inflation and gas prices are at record highs under the misdirection of the Democrats, yet Demings votes with the Socialist squad 94% of the time. There is only one candidate in this race who has consistently worked to make life more affordable for Florida families, and that is Marco Rubio,” said Elizabeth Gregory, director of communications for Marco Rubio for the Senate.

In response, Demings said, “I think people can make their mouths say anything. And I don’t have time to respond to statements that don’t help improve the lives of Floridians.

In November, voters will decide who will ultimately win the Senate seat.

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