Elon Musk mocks AOC for wanting to ditch his Tesla vehicle over disagreements

Elon Musk has become an enemy of the Democratic Party in recent months over his attacks on the “woke virus” as he calls it. One of the wiser politicians is certainly Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who is a die-hard democratic socialist and believes that all billionaires are a cancer to our society.

In recent weeks, Congress has said she wants to get rid of her Tesla vehicle and try a different type of electric vehicle. This comes in reaction to Musk’s attacks on his ideology, but Elon already has an answer. He decided to run a poll that left the congresswoman with no real chance to respond with a credible retort right in front of her supporters.

How did Musk respond to AOC’s threats?

Elon Musk used his best social media tool to troll AOC: his Twitter account. He decided to launch a poll in which he asks one of the most controversial questions. Billionaires are seen as desensitized people who have no idea what ordinary people are going through.

However, ordinary people consider politicians in a very low concept which also includes people like AOC. Regardless of her ideas as a liberal, she is still a politician and people don’t trust her these days. So Musk decided to troll her on Twitter to ask users what they trusted more, bollionaires or politicians.

The results were staggering in favor of Musk, with nearly 80% of people saying they trust leftist politicians. After that, Musk dared AOC to run the same poll on her own Twitter profile and see what results she gets. Of course, AOC would completely ignore this challenge because it doesn’t suit his story.

But Musk is already asking ordinary people the question we all ask ourselves. Who is more trustworthy between these two polarizing figures? The final answer may surprise many as politicians tend to disappoint people as time goes by these days.

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