Hannity calls on Mitch McConnell to “stop being a swamp creature”

Sean Hannity has warned Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell against any offer of help to “radical” left-wing Democrats who are trying to spend up to $ 5,000 billion on what they call “the human infrastructure “Wednesday on” Hannity “.

Hannity noted that Democratic Senators Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia did not sign the broader socio-economic spending review bill, while claiming McConnell could give cover to the Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York by offering a short-term increase in the debt ceiling.

“This is Democrats’ problem and people like Mitch McConnell must stop being held hostage to the chilling rhetoric of government shutdown,” Hannity said.

McConnell said the offer “would discuss Democrats’ apologies for the lack of time” and give the “united Democratic government” time to use budget reconciliation procedures to pass a stand-alone increase in the debt ceiling.

On “Hannity,” the host called this potential move a “lifeline” for Schumer, whatever the intention.

“The radical Democrats on Capitol Hill have a whole new hero – with their multibillion-dollar socialist agenda now stalled in Congress, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is giving them a lifeline,” he said.

“In a behind-the-scenes deal, McConnell agreed to raise the debt ceiling, giving Democrats more time to use a process known as ‘reconciliation’ to advance their socialist agenda,” Hannity continued.

He called on McConnell to “stop being a creature of the Washington swamps and start acting like a conservative.”


“If he cannot do it, he must withdraw – God only knows what will happen in the reconciliation.”

Hannity said McConnell’s behavior was the last reason he was a New York-registered conservative and not a Republican:

“During years on this program, I have repeatedly correctly pointed out that Republicans are often weak, weak, visionless and pathetic,” he said, explaining how Donald Trump defeated the establishment establishment. GOP in the 2016 primaries.

He said he agreed with South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham that McConnell should not consider extending the debt ceiling because Democrats will usher in billions in new spending, taxes and programs. social assistance from cradle to grave within this short period of time.

Hannity added that Americans cannot necessarily count on moderate Democrats like Manchin to maintain their current position.

He said Democratic lawmakers “change their minds every 30 minutes” and will approve most of the reckless spending of the current legislation.

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