Heavy rains, cold snap

Forecasters said torrential rains could hit both the east and west of the country in the coming days.

A ‘rare’ heavy winter rain event on the Queensland coast is expected to spill over to New South Wales. Meanwhile, Perth could see an “absolute soak” as a watering hole for barrels from the Indian Ocean.

At the same time, an “intense and short cold snap” will chill South Australia with below-average temperatures.

On Friday, the Bureau of Meteorology said “significant seasonal” rainfall could be expected over a large area of ​​the Queensland coast with widespread falls of 15-40mm and localized showers of up to 80mm in areas of Capricornia and of Wide Bay, in particular.

“It’s rare” Weather forecast meteorologist Alison Osborne said.

“Normally we don’t see such heavy rain in this area in July. Rockhampton, Gladstone could see two to three months of rain over the next two days alone – some of the heaviest July rainfall in years for the district.

“They certainly need it with rainfall deficits going back years.”

Queensland is going to be soggy

Brisbane will see a few showers today, then heavy falls on Saturday with a clearance of up to 25mm on Sunday afternoon. Temperatures hovering around 20C with a minimum of 15C. The Gold Coast is considering 10-20mm on Friday, then firing up to 35mm on Saturday with a reload up to 10mm on Sunday.

It is much wetter along the coast, but with up to 50mm for Rockhampton on Saturday after a very wet Friday, and Gladstone is forecasting between 35 and 60mm.

Crossing NSW and the Byron coast will see heavy showers all weekend with 35-60mm expected.

By the time you get to Sydney that rain is gone. The port city will experience a balmy, sunny weekend with highs of 17-19C and nightly lows of 7C. The perfect weather to stay indoors and watch movies.

it will be cold in Canberra with a high of only 11C on Saturday and lows of -1C on Sunday. Saturday might see some spit and rain spots.

Lower than average temperature for the south

In Victoria, the mercury is about to drop. The BOM said the “sharp and short cold snap” would bring temperatures 2 to 6 ° C below average for July.

A maximum of 16C in Melbourne Friday will drop to just 12 ° C on Saturday, the coldest day in 2021 to date. The Sunday minimum will be a little warmer at 14C.

Expect some showers across town. As this moisture moves towards the mountains, it should provide fresh snow for the ski slopes.

Cold also at Tassie, peaking at 13C in Hobart on Saturday then 12C for Sunday and Monday. Expect a frosty 3C Sunday start in the capital. Kunanyi / Mt Wellington can drop to -4C on Sunday, but a lack of humidity means no snow is due.

No different in South Australia, withAdelaidemax between 13 and 14 ° C this weekend with dawn of 7 ° C. There could be showers of up to 5mm on Saturday.

“Absolute soaking” in WA

“The rain is on its way to WA,” Ms. Osborne said.

saturday to Perth should be dry and sunny with highs of 21C. But a cold front and a band of rain are expected to sweep southwest on Sunday in a line from Carnarvon to Esperance.

“A series of systems will bring absolute soak,” Ms. Osborne said.

This will provide up to 20mm in the Perth rain gauge on Sunday, and then 15-35mm on the following days.

Darwin will be sunny and warm with highs of 33C.

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