How Ningbo is redefining fashion?

BEIJING, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Finding ourselves surrounded by an ever-increasing number of advertisements for designer brands and expensive handbags, we often ask the question, “What is fashion, anyway?” Ningbo to China found different answers in rethinking the city’s neighborhoods and its fashion industry.

Located to the southeast China Zhejiang Province, Ningbo has historically been an important hub of international trade for over a millennium. Starting point of the maritime silk road, the coastal city was the first in China who made western costumes in the 1800s.

As one of the largest apparel manufacturers in the world, Ningbo is home to several fashion companies and annually hosts an international fashion festival.

But Ningbo’s fashion industry does not stop at clothing and “style” in the traditional sense. From renovating the architecture of the city to sailing the waves on the side of the coast, Ningbo has made its fashion culture the theme of the town. Projects like “urban renewal” transform the ruins of the city into fresh, vibrant communities, restored with new energy and purpose.

Nearly 2,000 kilometers of coastline, more than 600 islands and beautiful blue waters also make Ningbo an amazing place for boating, sailing, kayaking and other water sports. It has become a privileged place for many international sporting events, such as the sailing competition for the Asian Games.

American video host Jack Klump goes to Ningbo to experience its ever-changing fashion culture. He made a T-shirt all by himself for one of the Ningbo’s top design firms, visit a community that has been transformed from an abandoned factory, and hop on a boat with an experienced sailor from the UK. How unique personalities and diverse lifestyles make Ningbo special? How it works Ningbo continue to renew and evolve?

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