Interview with Tenzin Choegyal and more

Nothing is permanent, everything is precious. Here is a selection of some events – ephemeral or not – at Tricycle and in the Buddhist world this week

Last Month’s Haiku Challenge Winners

The winning poets of May’s haiku contest have all addressed the most remarkable feature of a soap bubble: the fleeting and unstable beauty of its “small world.” Read it haiku winner hereso what Submit your own haiku for a chance to be featured on our website and in the print magazine.

A lesson in finding the courage to embrace the unknown

Given the current state of our world, the theme of being rooted in groundlessness seems both relevant and urgent. Read a teaching on the subject by writer and Zen teacher Vanessa Zuisei Goddard.

Interview with Tibetan musician Tenzin ChoegyaI

With the release of his latest album, Yeshi DolmaTenzin Choegyal, one of the world’s finest Tibetan musicians, blends tradition with genre-transcending sounds. Read an interview with Choegyal here.

A short guided meditation to release tension

In the first of our For the moment series on embodiment, Andrea Fella, teacher of Insight Meditation, guides us through the experience of emotions on a bodily level in order to transform and release stress. listen now.

June 20: Dependent Emergence Course

Tricycle’s new online course, led by Bodhi College co-founders Stephen Batchelor, Christina Feldman, John Peacock and Akincano Weber, will explore the foundational teaching of dependent arising. Read a excerpt from the course hereand register here.

June 28: Listen to Buddhist texts

Join Buddhist scholar Sarah Shaw as she demonstrates the unique spiritual and historical insights that emerge when we engage with Buddhist suttas as oral literature. register here.

July 1: Meditation Posture Workshop

Join us as we explore the principles of meditation posture in a one-hour virtual workshop with Will Johnson, meditation teacher and author of The posture of meditation. register here.

The prize, formerly called the Orange Prize and then the Baileys Prize, is given to the “best novel of the year written by a woman” written in English and published in the United Kingdom. Listen to an interview on our podcast, Tricycle Talkswith Ozeki on the book here.

The award-winning poet, who earned his MFA in poetry from NYU, will join the university’s Faculty of Arts and Science as a professor of creative writing this fall. Listen to a life as it is podcast episode with Vuong on his latest collection of poetry, time is a motherhere.

Software engineer Blake LeMoine and a collaborator conducted a series of chat “interviews” with an AI chatbot on topics such as zen koan and transcendental meditation. LeMoine was later placed on paid leave after claiming the AI ​​was sentient.

A humanoid robot named “Mindar”, which was created by a team from Osaka University’s Systems Innovation Department, gives weekly sermons at the historic Kodaiji temple in Kyoto.

Four bills allowing same-sex marriage and partnership in Thailand have been approved for the first time, just days after Bangkok celebrated its first Pride parade in 16 years.

In response to the ongoing war and refugee crisis in Ukraine, the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation, a global humanitarian organization based in Taiwan, has distributed 45,000 aid vouchers, worth $450 each, to refugees .

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