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Santi Esposito launched the Democratic Socialist Party – Photo provided.

Byron Shire is known as a hotbed of alternative politics, and the next generation is stepping up.

Youth leader Santi Esposito, 25, has launched a political party which he says aligns with the values ​​of democracy, equality and the preservation and enhancement of our precious environment.

As the founder of the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), he says he is looking for 1,500 like-minded supporters to be put on the ballot by the election commission.

Esposito says: “As we barely emerge from three years of bushfires, floods and a global pandemic, it’s not hard to see that the systems around us are failing on a global level.”

“One way to solve our collective problems is to organize the local community through the democratic process.

Locally born and raised

“I was born and raised in the rivers of the North, and I see inequality everywhere, it’s clear that capitalism just isn’t working for the people. There’s a lot of homelessness in Byron County right now, people and even moms with kids who have to sleep in their cars or vans, people are really struggling to pay their rent right now .

“There was not even a housing guarantee for people who lost their homes in the floods. I believe that housing should be a human right, it is a central issue for the Democratic Socialist Party”.

Housing accessibility, wealth inequality and environmental degradation

Mr Esposito said he wanted to see issues such as housing affordability, wealth inequality and environmental degradation given more airtime in the public debate.

“I was really inspired by Bernie Sanders’ campaign in the United States.

“It just showed that there really is this grassroots movement of people who want change.

“You have to remember that most media is owned by corporations.

“So if it’s not about celebrity glitz and glam it’s just swept under the rug, the struggles that people are facing in the community should be front page news.”

Mr. Esposito continues: “It’s a celebration for the people.

“I think there is so much hope for making our communities a better place for everyone to live.

1,500 supporters needed for EC

“1,500 supporters must be registered on the ballot papers by the electoral commission.

‘If you would like to register your support for us, please visit Where call me on 0427 220 932′.

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