Letter: No mandate for socialism

There is no mandate for President Joe Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion, cradle-to-grave irreversible socialism program. The Senate is split 50/50 and Democrats have a slim majority in the House. The country believed it had voted for a moderate Democratic leader and had made a man’s shell controlled by the radical left. The government is already spending 30% of our GDP and these socialist programs will create more government, more unelected bureaucrats, more regulations and less freedom.

Based on the percentage of our GDP, the $ 5,000 billion we have already spent on COVID recovery is the amount spent to recover from the Great Depression. On an annualized basis, inflation is 9% this year and these numbers do not include food, energy or shelter. Add them up and we’re at about 20% inflation. The $ 3.5 trillion will push inflation to even higher levels. The rules of the economy are clear, if you have too much money to hunt too few products, the costs will go up. Our national debt is currently $ 750,000 per person and is unsustainable.

To pay for this program, Biden plans to increase corporate taxes, income taxes on upper and middle incomes, and increase tax on the death rate. Raising corporate taxes will kill American jobs, push jobs overseas, and raise the cost of living as businesses pass them on to the consumer. The death tax will kill farms and family businesses. Low-income families will be affected by rising inflation. Call on your senators and congressmen to kill this bill.

– Tim Schowalter, Granby

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