Letter: Socialism is a milestone on the road to communism

As for Sherry Kutter’s sarcastic statement (September 10 letter to editor) that Americans don’t want to work, I think some have that attitude. I also agree that some who are doing well criticize the poor.

When I see a young mother in the grocery store with her kids in tow pushing a cart full of expensive groceries, I remember my own mother and our family of seven who grew up in rural Nebraska during the times of the cows. skinny from the ’50s and’ 60s. I also see help-seeking signs everywhere, some offering signing bonuses, health care benefits, and tuition assistance (upgrade your skills for a better job. paid) – not much at the time. In understaffed restaurants, I see waitresses rushing to follow. We give a generous tip.

I strongly disagree with Sherry that a living wage must be established to cover a multitude of living expenses. The Socialists would like another bureaucracy to administer this. Better yet, the Democratic Socialist Party’s platform and its $ 3.5 trillion spending bill offering everything from cradle to grave for free. For those who take the bait offered by the socialist left, I am sorry for them and for their ignorance of the history of socialism over the past 100 years. It is only a milestone on the road to communism. Capitalism is not always beautiful and is defined as the unequal distribution of wealth. Socialism is the ugly and even distribution of poverty.

Sherry’s husband is a veteran. Me too. Between Korea and Vietnam 100,000 lives were lost fighting communism. Just as I feel for the young mother at the grocery store, my heart breaks as I walk past a cemetery knowing that there are those who lay there who have sacrificed their lives for my freedoms; those who have no say in this debate.

Ken krueger

Alexandria, Minnesota

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