LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Criticism of Perceived Far-Left Program | Editorial

The Democratic Party’s shift to socialism is reminiscent of the Marxist takeover of Russia, the Nazi takeover in Germany, and the Maoist takeover of China. In each of these cases, cultures have been demonized, books burned, statues removed, and buildings burned and disfigured.

Monument Avenue in Richmond was once a beautiful, low-maintenance tourist attraction. The “Walk of the Cretins” to degrade and remove the statues does not stop there.

As Winston Churchill eloquently put it: “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy.

When President Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, he cut jobs across the country. This has put many American workers out of work. Biden created an environmental nightmare and gave the oil market to our enemies (Russia, Iran and Venezuela). This has raised the price of gasoline to over $ 3 a gallon in most places, resulting in higher costs for all goods and services, including food, clothing, shelter, and transportation.

Democratic Socialists are slowly robbing people who can least afford it. Democrats are forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions through Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List, even for people living in foreign countries. One of the main contributors to the Democrats’ campaign, from Biden to Spanberger, are the Abortion Political Action Committees.

Black Lives Matter’s democratic socialist ideology led by Marxists to the critical race theory that attempts to instill a racist / Marxist doctrine in our schools and our society will eventually fail, but not without great cost to our society.

Free health care, free housing, free food, the rejection of $ 1.3 trillion in university loans, open borders with millions of illegal aliens crossing unchecked and unsustainable debt of $ 28 trillion .

Why taxpayers pay state debt [via the American Rescue Plan] to the tune of 350 billion dollars? Why do taxpayers fund abortions (remember the Hyde Amendment)?

Why is Biden trying to hire 80,000 tax agents in the IRS? To track cryptocurrencies or enter bank accounts?

America is bankrupt. Biden / Harris and the Socialists / Marxists / Democrats are destroying our country. The Biden presidency’s open border policy makes drug cartels, human traffickers and terrorists Biden’s best friends.

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