Louis CK demonstration in preparation, counter-programming almost exhausted | Entertainment

In 2016, the last time CK was in Madison, it topped Overture Hall’s bestseller list that season, averaging 2,238 seats sold per show, or 99% of capacity. for his two evenings at the theater.

Meanwhile, Colleen Bos, owner of Bos Meadery on 849 E. Washington Ave., hosts BABE-APALOOZA! with actresses and a female host on Sunday, CK Night opens its three-night run in Madison.

Bos said she plans to keep the show safe after receiving negative messages on private social media.

She said the gist of the posts was “Why are you having a virtue signaling event with these horrible women?” “

“They are mainly expressing their anger that we are hosting the event. I guess it caught me off guard,” she said. “This has never happened for any of our shows before. So, we are just being very careful.”

Bos said she had not received any messages of support, but had received numerous calls from “people willing to attend.”

The capacity of Bos Mead Hall is 99 and there were still a few $ 10 tickets left on Friday afternoon.

The actress Sasha Rosser, one of the BABE-APALOOZA! performers, considers Comedy on State, 202 State St., her “home club” and has been playing there since she started doing stand-up comedy in 2019. She often hosts open mics and has hosted weekends. -end of grand reopening in April.

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