Powerful art-punk, cello-rock duo, Lung, have a dark and authoritative sound, evoking the catchy mud of the first grunge with ominous undertones layered. The group is Kate wakefield, classically trained opera singer and cellist, and drummer Marguerite Caplan, formerly of Foxy Shazam, Babe Rage and Ayin. Lung is about to release his third full album, Come clean now, next month in August.

Come clean now was written in March and April 2020 during the early parts of the pandemic. While continuing their previous work, the album is an evolution in both process and end product. After being forced to cancel over 100 dates in early 2020, Lung discovered a rudimentary way to collaborate via email and started working on new music. “Daisy and I usually work on new music in the same room, but this record was written online,” Wakefield explains. “I would send Daisy a file, then he would send me something else back so I could work.” It was very different from our previous way of writing, but ended up providing both of us with an outlet for whatever was going on. It was totally new since we mostly wrote on the road or between tours. It was the first time that we were both planted in the same place, forced to deal with our own thoughts musically and lyrically. While on other records Lung took inspiration from a longer period of songwriting, Come clean now was almost exclusively written in isolation in less than two months and rehearsed / recorded (as far socially as possible) in a few weeks.

“The record is indirectly or maybe directly influenced by the books I read,” Wakefield explains of the meaning of the music. “I have read poetry daily for the past year. I like the poets Joy Harjo and Ellen Bass. I am also into Buddhist and conscience literature, and I have been able to really immerse myself in a lot of beautiful books that have helped me to stay sane. There was an interesting gap between what I read and what I felt. It just comes down to trying to practice what you preach, failing and trying again, and the record reflects that. There’s a lot of brutal honesty in this album: the anger, the sadness, the ups and downs of a new love, and the realization that while we think we can control our lives, it’s ultimately an illusion. . The members of Lung were so committed to this new direction that they temporarily put aside a third album already recorded for release. Come clean now. Other efforts have been sprawling and grandiose; this album is crackling and succinct, living on the uncertainty of the dark chaos of the time.


8/5 Appleton, WI @ Mile Of Music

8/6 Appleton, WI @ Mile Of Music

8/7 Appleton, WI @ Mile Of Music

8/8 Appleton, WI @ Mile Of Music

8/27 Athens, OH @ The Union

08/28 Cincinnati, OH @ Fountain Square [Come Clean Right Now album release show!]

9/1 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge *

9/2 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater *

9/3 Wichita, KS @ WAVE *

9/4 Kansas City, MO @ Knuckleheads *

9/7 Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line *

9/8 Milwaukee, WI @ Shank Hall *

9/9 Lombard, IL @ Afterlife Music Hall *

9/10 Grand Rapids, MI @ Elevation *

9/11 St Louis, MO @ Red Flag *

12/9 Louisville, Kentucky @ Zanzabar *

9/15 Rochester, NY @ The Montage Music *

9/16 NYC, NY @ Le Poisson Rouge *

9/17 New Bedford, MA @ The Vault Music Hall *

9/18 Philadelphia, PA @The Foundry *

19/9 Washington, DC @ Le Chat Noir *

9/22 Harrisburg, PA @ Harrisburg Midtown *

9/23 Belle Vernon, PA @ Vinoski Winery *

9/24 Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom *

09/25 Ferndale, MI @ The Magic Bag *

9/28 Indianapolis, IN @ The Hi-Fi *

9/29 Nashville, TN @ Exit / Entrance *

9/30 Asheville, North Carolina @ L’Aigle Gris *

10/1 Durham, NC @ Motorco Music Hall *

10/2 Wilmington, NC @ 42nd Street Tavern *

10/3 Charleston, SC @ Le Charleston For *

10/6 Atlanta, GA @ West Terminal *

10/7 Memphis, TN @ Lafayette’s Music *

8/10 New Orleans, LA @ Zony Mash Beer *

10/9 Houston, Texas @ Scout Bar *

10/10 Austin, TX @ Meanwhile brewing *

12/10 San Antonio, TX @ Paper Tiger *

10/14 Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf *

10/15 El Paso, Texas @ Rockhouse Bar & Grill *

10/16 Odessa, Texas @ Cactus House

10/17 Arlington, TX @ Division Brewing

10/19 Oklahoma City, OK @ Blue Note

10/20 Tulsa, OK @ Whittier Bar

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