More money for public safety

Kalamazoo is one of eleven communities benefiting from a recent financial boost from Public Security. Governor Whitmer announced Monday that Michigan State Police Services will receive additional funding to boost public safety initiatives.

Michigan State Police itself received the biggest boost with a grant of $ 182,328 to support de-escalation training through the Community Policing Development De-Escalation Training Program. United States Department of Justice (DOJ). Whitmer advocated for the program earlier this year. De-escalation training helps ease tensions in encounters between police and civilians. De-escalation training helps officers maintain safety in situations, prevent crime, and advance community policing.

The governor also announced 11 other local agencies across the state with a total of $ 1,025,138, supporting the governor’s goal of increasing public safety.

“I commend the Department of Justice for investing in Michigan’s public safety by giving our state police and 11 local state agencies more than $ 1 million in grants,” said Governor Whitmer. “Michigan’s brave soldiers and law enforcement officers are at the forefront of the critical work needed to reduce crime and keep our communities safe. With this grant, the MSP is able to continue its efforts to strengthen de-escalation training to ensure that police and community members can return home safely at the end of each day. “

See the list of communities receiving public safety grants here:

AgencyProject titlePrize amount
City of Big RapidsSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 75,000.00
Brownstown Township CharterSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 74,335.00
City of DetroitCrisis Intervention Teams – Implementation of CIT $ 241,768.00
Dundee VillageSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 61,120.00
Town of HoughtonSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 37,903.00
Town of IronwoodSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 21,300.00
Charter of the canton of KalamazooSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 74,999.00
Town of MarysvilleSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 75,000.00
Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Pottawatomi Indian BandSupport law enforcement agencies in seeking accreditation $ 51,205.00
Michigan Association of Chiefs of PoliceImprove existing law enforcement accreditation entities $ 99,760.00
Michigan State Police DepartmentDe-escalation Law Enforcement Grants$ 182,328.00
Oakland CountyMicro-grants / Community trust and legitimacy: community trust project $ 30,420.00
Total DOJ Grants$ 1,025,138.00

To view Governor Whitmer’s letter to United States Attorney General Garland in support of the Michigan State Police De-escalation Training Grant, click the link below:

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