New Jewish Fringe Festival for Golders Green

A new ‘broad Jewish flavor’ music, drama and comedy festival is coming to Golders Green this fall.

Named after Hebrew for the ritual fringes worn by Orthodox Jews, Tsitsit is a national festival with events at the King Alfred Phoenix Theater in North End Road.

All were selected according to the marginal ethic of “if you want to do it, you can” and the criteria: “If it’s Jewish enough for you, it’s Jewish enough for us.”

“The assembly was a labor of love,” says founder and North Londoner Alastair Falk. “We are delighted to have a program that covers Jewish culture in all its dazzling variety.”

The former principal of Independent Jewish Day School and King Solomon High School added: “A few years ago I had a one man show called Much Ado About Noshing and got the bangs bug. by performing in Edinburgh. our own festival on the sidelines.

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“In the spirit of the sidelines, we tried to be as open as possible. We spread the word and got a fantastic number of people writing their own solo pieces, performances by professional theater companies aside. whole and more marginal experimental work by theater school people. “

Performances begin October 3 with a high stand-up in New York Michael CapozolleKugelroni’s new show. Later in the week, the comedian Aaron Levene see what it means to be a Buddhist Jew, and on October 6 following a sold-out race at Camden Fringe, a Jewish stand-up comedy Jew-O-Rama takes to the Phoenix scene.

On October 16, a team of Israeli and Palestinian directors present The demons of Jerusalem and on October 17, a program of Sephardic songs with voice, guitar and percussion. Two half-hour plays by the award-winning writer, Robert messik: Pineapple, on pregnancy and pizza; and Crust on Carnival in Ancient Babylon, are October 18-19, then October 20 is a reimagining of 18th-century Portuguese Jewish playwright Antonio José da Silva’s version of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.

Comic October 23 Daphna baram offers his new show Unmuted, and October 24 is The wolf of Baghdad is an audiovisual journey through the memories of a Jewish family from their lost Iraqi homeland. The Gamayun Theater Company’s cover of classic Israeli comedy, Rubber merchants October 25-28, and the UK’s response to Ms. Maisel, actress Carole shaw presents his new show, Keep Kalm and Kvetch on October 30.

Throughout the half-week there is a twice daily children’s show Meet At the Ark At Eight, based on a popular book about smuggling a third penguin aboard Noah’s Ark.

Falk says a grant from the Arts Council allowed them to subsidize or commission new works and develop shows. Events also include a Halloween-themed night at the Jewish Museum in Camden Town and a cabaret night at the Soho Theater.

“Our watchword is diverse and dispersed. We wanted to reflect part of the history of Jewish settlement in the UK, so we have events in Leicester, Penzance as well as Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge. is the first year, and if that doesn’t kill us, we hope it grows. It’s open, easy to get to, and you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy it.

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