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Drum Tower District will soon be “in disguise”

In order to further improve the quality of the historical and cultural blocks along the Drum Tower, from July of this year, the block along the Drum Tower underwent a complete “dressing”. Ongoing repair, transformation and modernization projects are underway.

It is learned that this renovation and upgrade has innovatively improved the cultural heritage and historical characteristics of the historic sub-city through the integration of historic intangible cultural heritage, full use of 3D lighting and smart digital technology.

The drum tower district is getting a makeover

On November 1, I visited the block along the drum tower. The exterior walls of the ancient pavilions have been recently repainted, with vermilion as the main color, gold lacquered beams and painted buildings … Broken railings have been repaired and the canopies of shops along the street have been uniformly update.

On the side wall of the pedestrian street shop, the artists are working on the floor mural. It is an immersive work of art combining sculpture and painting. The painting speaks of a historic cookie store and a historic pharmacy. There are many wall painting art landscapes like this.

The rendering of the pavilion of intangible cultural heritage.

In the middle of the main street, a row of old small wooden goods houses has been completely removed and replaced with Tang-style intangible heritage pavilions, a total of nine. The Intangible Cultural Heritage Pavilion does not produce food, but serves as a showcase for exhibiting and selling the outstanding award-winning intangible cultural heritage works of Ningbo, spreading the traditional culture of Ningbo.

A new 3D light show will be launched

In order to display the culture of Ningbo in three dimensions, the Drum Tower will also launch a brand new 3D light show with the city wall of the Drum Tower in the background. Different from the previous one, this time there will be a big improvement both in terms of technology and content.

The 3D light and shadow show presents the historical and cultural development of Ningbo, highlights the architectural structure of the Drum Tower ramparts, and uses 3D naked eye animation technology to travel through time and space.

From the ancient times of Jingtou Mountain and Hemudu culture to the rise of the Drum Tower and the birth of the sub-city, it traverses the historical and cultural contexts of the Maritime Silk Road, the collection of books, Ningbo merchants, port development, etc., tell about Ningbo’s past and present through the art of light show. The 3D light show will be used as a promotional film for the history and culture of Ningbo City and will be exhibited regularly.

In addition to the Drum Tower 3D light show, a holographic projection stage will be built in the theater area of ​​the block to show local features such as Yong Opera and Yue Opera.

A lantern landscape will be built

The block will also build traditional cultural lantern landscapes, including rows of street lanterns, transverse rows of lanterns, and rows of stacked Aoshan lanterns. It is estimated that over 1,000 lanterns will be used.

The festive lantern network is made up of various traditional lanterns. The lantern cover fabric is a hand painted image of Ningbo cultural elements and the drum tower logo. The lights are controlled by digital DMX512 technology. Every time the drum bell rings at night time, it begins to light up steadily, forming a change in ripple of light and darkness as a whole, which will give visitors a strong visual impact.

Volunteer service will be available

In addition to material and technical improvements, many volunteer services have also been integrated into the neighborhood along the drum tower. The block will provide a mother and baby room, which will provide hot water, emergency calls and other functions in addition to conventional equipment, and will offer exclusive services to mothers with babies. In addition, the Ningbo Volunteer Service Station will be set up with service volunteers to provide tourists with a variety of services.

Citizens and tourists from all over the world are invited to come and share wonderful moments

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