Nord Stream Sabotage, Hurricane Ian Heads For Florida, Record Glacier Melt

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Welcome to Wednesday, where a potential sabotage of Nord Stream pipelines is investigated, Hurricane Ian knocks out power through Cuba and heads for Florida and two British cities battle to host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. Meanwhile, Ukrainian media Livy BeregSergiy Gromenko’s journalist delves into Vladimir Putin’s past, to show that the Russian president didn’t in fact ‘turn evil’ but was always the sinister figure revealed by the invasion of Ukraine .

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• Sabotage of the Nord Stream: While not blaming Russia directly, EU officials said recent leaks in Nord Stream pipelines linking Russia to Europe were caused by sabotage. The pipelines, which were designed to deliver energy supplies from Russia to Western Europe, have been at the heart of the energy war between the West and Moscow since the start of the war.

• Hurricane Ian is heading towards Florida: The Cuban government announced that the island suffered a complete blackout after Hurricane Ian hit the western region with strong winds, leaving 11 million people without power. The storm is expected to gain strength and is now heading into Florida, where residents fear flooding and thousands are fleeing.

• 76 dead in demonstrations in Iran: Rights groups have revealed that at least 76 people have been killed by Iranian security forces since nationwide protests erupted eleven days ago following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Hundreds of people have been arrested as the police crackdown continues.

• The owner of the mining dam denies the second collapse: South African mining company Jagersfontein Developments has denied provincial government claims that a mine waste dam collapsed on Tuesday, two weeks after a first dam wall partially collapsed due to rains.

• The Saudi Crown Prince appointed Prime Minister: A royal decree said Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz had appointed his son and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as prime minister after ordering a cabinet reshuffle. The 86-year-old King Salman has held the title so far and he is gradually stabilizing the handover of power in the kingdom.

• The Chinese yuan falls to a historic low: The Chinese yuan fell to a 14-year high against the US dollar, losing around 4% last month, despite central bank efforts to slow the currency’s slide. This comes at a time when the dollar is gaining value against other major currencies.

• Eurovision 2023: Liverpool or Glasgow? : The BBC has announced that Liverpool, in the north of England, and Glasgow, in Scotland, are the two cities vying to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, organized by the United Kingdom on behalf of Ukraine. who cannot accommodate him because of the war. The final decision will be revealed “in a few weeks”.


japanese daily Okinawa time devotes its front page to the “highs and lows” of the state funeral of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated at a political rally on July 8. The ceremony sparked protests from citizens who decried its high cost (about $12 million) and Abe’s legacy, including his party’s ties to the Unification Church.


When did Putin ‘turn’ evil? This is exactly the wrong question

Look at the last two decades and you will see that Vladimir Putin has always been the man revealed by the invasion of Ukraine, an evil and sinister dictator, writes Sergiy Gromenko in Ukrainian media. Livy Bereg. The Russian leader just managed to mask it, mostly because many chose to see him as a typically corrupt and greedy strongman who could be bribed or reasoned with.

❓ Over the past year, we have constantly heard rhetorical questions such as “why did Putin start this war, didn’t he have enough of his own land?” or “he already has Gelendzhik to enjoy, why fight?” This line of thinking resurfaced after the missile strikes on Ukrainian power grids and dams, which were seen by many as just a manifestation of terrorism. Such acts are a manifestation of weakness, some ask, so is Putin ready to show weakness?

💥 However, you won’t arrive at the right answer if the questions themselves are poorly asked. For decades, analysts in Russia, Ukraine and the West have had an illusion about the nature of the Russian president’s personal dictatorship. Putin showed his true colors from the first days. His reign began with the organization of apartment bombings during the Second Chechen War. And the Chechen invasion of Dagestan, which sparked hostilities, seems too suspicious.

⚠️ This is a false narrative that Putin grew up in poverty and became corrupt to get out of poverty. But it was privilege, not poverty, that made him that way, with KGB work laying the groundwork for Putin’s bloodlust. The agency neglected morality, viewed people as cogs – and when the KGB officer ruled the state, he transferred these principles to the entire echelon of power. Don’t ask why Putin suddenly started behaving this way. That’s how he always behaved. It is better to ask when exactly therewe realized that a cold-hearted spy rules a neighboring country, for whom your life has no value.

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Dear Zelensky, you know that you can count on our faithful support for the cause of the freedom of the Ukrainian people.

— Set to become Italy’s first female prime minister, nationalist leader Giorgia Meloni has pledged her full support to Ukraine in its war against Russia. President Zelensky tweeted on Tuesday that he looked forward to “fruitful cooperation with the new government”.

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