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As the historic 2020 election drew closer, I wrote an article discuss third party options in the United States during this election. I volunteered to cover the topic because as a young political science student I was passionate about the issue and wanted every American – not just me – to have a candidate and a party they could support with. little or no ideological compromise.

Earlier this year, Gallup released a survey which found that 62% of Americans want more parties in the United States, which is the highest in nearly a decade. It’s easy to see why. The Democratic Party had so many candidates in 2020 for the presidency, but in the end only one of them was chosen. As for the Republican Party, many detractors of Donald Trump within the party have made it clear: they also want to separate.

What inspired me to write this article, and what reminded me of this problem, were the statements in the new book by former Democratic candidate Andrew Yang. It was implied in this book that Yang wants to create his own political party. However, the two hypothetical parties of anti-Trump Republicans and Yang have flaws that must be corrected if America is to have a functioning political system with more than two options.

The first and most obvious flaw is that America doesn’t need more third parties – it needs more third party supporters. America has a lot of political parties other than Democrats and Republicans. If you are mad at either of these two parties that you partner with, there are almost certainly better options for you. If you want a more leftist approach to politics, there is the Democratic Socialist Party. If you want a less authoritarian approach with conservative ideals, there is the To taste. If you want a smaller government and environmental concerns to be tackled together, there is the Green tea party. There are virtually endless parties.

These parties exist, but they are being drowned. Creating two big and powerful parties through Yang and these Republicans will work, but it will certainly be a little unfair to these pre-existing parties.

Another flaw is the transparency and clarity of the mission. The Democratic Party and the Republican Party both have members who do not defend exactly the same points. But, as parties, they both have clear positions. The Republican Party is known to be conservative and the Democratic Party is the face of liberal politics. Until now, Yang wasn’t sure exactly what his party would focus on, and anti-Trump Republicans haven’t said anything else that they want to be less conservative than Donald Trump, but still more than the Democratic Party.

The biggest problem, however, in making a political third party more popular, is which one has to be drawn from history.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt was my favorite president and he lost his third presidential election because of this problem. In Roosevelt’s day, there was no official rule about how many terms a president could serve, it was just a matter of tradition. After winning his first two elections in 1901 and 1905, Roosevelt turned to 1909. At the time, Roosevelt was upset by the lack of progressive politics in his party and founded America’s first progressive party, the Bull Moose Party. . Unfortunately, this led to a split, so his new party lost, as well as his previous party.

If Yang fully fleshed out his party and the Republican Party remained a one-party, then left-wing voters in America would be divided. Alternatively, if there were two conservative parties in America but one liberal, no conservative policies would be adopted. In order to maintain the balance, it is crucial that both conservative and liberal voices have enough options to fully realize the America they want.

The best way to reach this America is to make this decision yourself. In every presidential election, there is immense pressure to vote for one of the two main parties, and if you don’t, it is seen as a rejection of your vote. So, to create a truly open political system, we have to destroy this stigma. We need to understand that the only way to reject a vote in an election is not to.

And, just like with many other flaws in the United States, we are being overlooked by other countries. Mexico has four major political parties, Canada has five, and with the election of President Emmanuel Macron in France, France has gone from two major parties to four. If we follow in the footsteps of these other nations and begin to restructure our partisan politics, then we can all have a chance to make the America we want, rather than choosing from two different choices every four years.

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