Penn State Abington Professor Pens Introductory Buddhism Book

ABINGTON, PA — A religious studies professor at Penn State Abington has written an introductory book on Buddhism designed for beginners and those curious about the Eastern tradition.

C. Pierce Salguero, associate professor of Asian history and religious studies at the Abington campus, says his new book, Buddhism: A guide to the 20 most important Buddhist ideas for the curious and the skepticalis designed for readers seeking to learn more about a different spiritual tradition or those seeking to understand the roots of their mindfulness practice.

“It’s for people who aren’t necessarily lining up to take mindfulness classes but think there might be some value in it and want to see what the tradition entails,” Salguero said in a statement. . “Others might want background information.”

The author said the book offers a broad overview of Buddhism and examines Eastern spiritual practice in a more objective and balanced way.

As for the term he coined, “Buddhist,” Salguero says it fits his recurring relationship with faith over the years.

“I have been close to Buddhism as a fan, critic and scholar of this tradition all my adult life,” he said in his statement.

Salguero said he spent around 18 months writing the book, which also highlights his time in a Thai monastery and also reflects on his years living in Asia.

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