Pingtan to Invest Over 10 Billion Yuan in Building “International Automotive Science and Technology and Culture Innovation Industrial Park” | Taiwan News

Pingtan, known as China’s “Maldives”, is home to abundant living, mineral and tourist resources.

PINGTAN, CHINA – Media OutReach – December 30, 2021 – Aiming primarily to be international and young, Pingtan International Tourism Island is vigorously developing the economy of cultural tourism with an emphasis on improving core competitiveness in culture, le tourism and sports. Pingtan will invest more than 10 billion yuan in the construction of an “international industrial park for innovation in automotive and sports science and technology”. In the park, Pingtan will use its unique advantages by hosting a series of racing events to make Pingtan International Racing Carnival a brand and Pingtan a racing fan’s paradise and a place to enjoy coastal culture and sports tourism. .

Dalian Island northwest of Pingtan has a development model of “Sea Tourism Gallery-Land Tourism Ring-Island Living Experience Area-Island Wellness Resort-Island Business Experience Area”. There are plans to make Dalian Island a “pearl necklace” using the resources of the island – an international tourist resort integrating cultural and natural exploration, ecotourism, medical beauty and health care. , an important step in making Pingtan an international tourist island.

Tourism development, new tourism models, reorganization and modernization of tourism products on Dalian Island will also provide benchmarks and guidance for other island tourism areas. As the tourism resources of Pingtan Island become popular, Dalian Island will easily become a case study of cultural tourism due to its independent space, complete ecology and unique culture in the future. .

Geographically, Pingtan faces the island of Taiwan across the sea, which is the closest place to Taiwan on the Chinese mainland. It has a deep historical relationship and a long history of economic and trade exchanges with Taiwan. The open sea routes on “Cross Straits” and “Lina” at Pingtan Aoqian Ferry Terminal from Pingtan to Taipei and Taichung take 2.5 to 3 hours one way.

In the future, residents from both sides of the Taiwan Strait will travel to Pingtan along the Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge. In Pingtan, they can enjoy the beautiful sea views, beach sports or other interesting competitions on the colorful stone beach. Cultural activities are also available for tourists who wish to explore the wrecks of the Maritime Silk Road, visit the Pingtan Strait Road-Rail Bridge Museum, and enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine.


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