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This morning, the Congressional Republican National Committee launched the latest in a series of attack missives targeting U.S. Representative Kim Schrier of Issaquah, a pediatrician who has effectively represented Washington’s 8th Congressional District since the weeks following the mid-terms of 2018.

While it was not unusual for the NRCC to speak ill of Schrier, whom it desperately wants to defeat in 2022, this particular broadside was notable in that it also attacked NPI and accused Schrier of sponsoring our research!

Kim Schrier uses her campaign dollars to reveal her true colors.

Schrier recently donated hundreds of dollars to [the] Northwest Progressive Institute, a radically progressive think tank that wants to raise taxes, restrict gun ownership, limit choice of schools, and automatically register criminals to vote …

Which is not so surprising given that she also supports President Pelosi’s radical and socialist agenda 100% of the time.

NRCC news flash: Kim Schrier has supported NPI’s work since over three years, since before she was even in Congress. Not only is she a sponsor of our research, but she also speaks regularly at our events.

Unlike her predecessor, Republican Dave Reichert, Rep. Schrier believes in accessibility, which is why she regularly hosts public events for voters and attends events like our summer birthday picnic. Representative Schrier believes that our state and our region need in-depth research and imaginative advocacy to ensure a better future for all. This is a good thing, not a bad thing!

As for our legislative priorities – progressive revenue reform, gun safety, protecting public schools, ensuring that everyone can exercise their right to vote – well, these are all ideas our state needs to be successful, to be secure and prosperous.

And they are popular! We know this because we regularly take the pulse of the Washington state electorate on current issues.

Take gun safety. Our poll has consistently found broad support for laws that require responsible possession of firearms. In fact, this is one of the issues where we have found the most bipartisan agreement among voters in Washington state.

And the actual election results corroborated our polls.

Over the past seven years, voters have voted Three back-to-back gun safety initiatives offered by our friends at the Alliance for Gun Responsibility.

Or consider gradual revenue reform. We have six consecutive years of poll data showing voters are in favor of imposing a capital gains tax on the rich to benefit our public schools. There is nothing “radical” about forcing the rich to invest in Washington’s future. It is an American tradition for people to pool their resources according to their means to get things done. Taxes have allowed us to do amazing things as a country, together!

Democratic socialism, moreover, is also an American tradition.

While there is no universally accepted definition of socialism – it means different things to different people – the basic concept underlying just about all forms of socialism is shared public ownership of resources, including the means of production. Medicare, social security, VA, our national parks and even our military are examples of systems that one might call socialist.

Republicans like their scary words, but there is nothing scary or radical about the values, principles, and political directions our organization supports. They’re as American as apple pie and as mainstream as the music of The Boss.

What is radical, however, is the anti-democracy agenda of the House Republican caucus. This is a caucus that, with few exceptions, has become a loyal cult of the most dishonest, dangerous and destructive person who has ever occupied the White House: Donald trump. The very name of the party has become a misnomer: it unfortunately does not even want this country to have any form of republican government. Instead, the party has become a supporter of fascism.

Consider the actions of Kevin McCarthy, the House’s top Republican, following the Jan.6 attack on the United States Capitol by a mob instigated by Donald Trump and his many Republican facilitators in Congress. It was obvious that day, even to Republicans like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, how low we had fallen as a nation and how close we were to losing our democracy.

Instead of belatedly defending America’s future and the rule of law, McCarthy made a pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago and again embraced Donald Trump, siding with the very man whose actions had endangered himself, his colleagues and the institution he serves. on the Constitution of the United States and the American people. Then McCarthy engineered the ousting of Liz Cheney from the caucus leadership, installing another Trump sycophant in her place as caucus chair.

He is the man the NRCC strives to bring to power every day as president and second in succession. The NRCC reports to him and his lieutenants, including Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the current president of the NRCC.

Of course, McCarthy can only take power if Republicans are in the majority, which is why the NRCC is so keen to defeat Democrats like Kim Schrier.

Since the new district lines have yet to be drawn, the NRCC cannot tell if the 8th will even be a swing district midway through 2022. But they bet it probably will. And so their agents are instructed to generate as many attack missives as possible against Democrats like Kim Schrier.

Even if they have nothing to work with, they still have to go out Something.

Hence this absurdity.

Sorry, NRCC, but this dog won’t hunt.

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