SITC launched the first express service Silk Road Shipping

The EPX1 line is the first Silk Road Shipping e-commerce express route operated by SITC, providing direct service between the port of Xiamen in China and the southern port of Manila in the Philippines.

This “two ports one trip” service will materialize the delivery of e-commerce goods between the two countries and the two ports. Reap the Benefits of the Shipping Dock Platform, SITC International E-commerce Express EPX1 has its own berth in Xiamen Port, provision of a bonded warehouse, and create a high-quality logistics channel for cross-border e-commerce customers in Xiamen.

SITCPresident Yang Shaopeng said the establishment of this express transportation will attract more exports from Xiamen Port, and we will continue to open more e-commerce express lanes in Southeast Asia to establish a much closer connection between Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and other regions.

As end of 2021, SITC operated a fleet of 96 container ships and five bulk carriers, providing services to 16 countries and regions.

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