Skull and Bones’ helmet has a ton of potential

Ubisoft Singapore Skull and bones has sought to take pirate action to the next level since it was first announced, and the Helm will help give players a pirate identity they can be proud of. games like sea ​​of ​​thieves and Assassin’s Creed 4 The Black Flag have made the pirate experience a mainstay on consoles over the past decade, and swashbuckling action and ship combat have been embraced by many gamers, so Ubisoft’s title has a clear audience.

Skull and bones got new trailers at Ubisoft Forward, with combat and the significant amount of customization taking center stage. As fans know, Skull and bones was repeatedly delayed after its initial reveal at E3 in 2017, supposedly due to various conflicting goals for the game that necessitated major changes in development. Ubisoft Singapore has been working hard to fix this, and the Helm could be one of the keys to success.


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Skull and Bones Pirate Lair

Players will unlock the Helm after reaching a previously unspecified level in Skull and bones, giving them a base of operations and their own pirate hideout. No longer taking orders from other pirates, at this point in the game players will be able to begin the ascent of their own career as a legendary pirate leader while gaining riches and pirate glory across the Indian Ocean.

The sheer amount of customization options available with the Helm is what makes the feature so intriguing. If done right, each player will have their own lair that truly reflects their identity as a pirate in Skull and bones, showcasing their greatest triumphs and depicting how they play. With a limited narrative in Skull and boneshow the game allows players to define their own pirate identity can determine the success of the game’s launch. A personalized lair gives players something to fight for, defend and invest in.

If a player primarily wants to be a trader and amass wealth, their lair can be used as a base of operations to craft and transport illegal goods. Using the Helm as a place for managing production, planning shipping routes, and establishing the price market would give the Helm function real meaning and importance and separate it from just being a random pirate on a ship. Immersion can set Skull and bones apart from its competition.

Perhaps the life of a pirate merchant is not for some players, and they prefer to raid the high seas and enrich themselves by acquiring wealth in any way possible. In these cases, the bar could be a place to plan an attack strategy, manage fortifications and ship armaments, and store treasure safely until a rival tries to take it. The lair can also act as a hub for managing quests and overall content inside Skull and bones as well as being a place to showcase and brag about a player’s greatest bounties and most glorious victories, because no great pirate lacks ego.

The riches of Skull and Bones

A potentially great feature for console players would be a sort of trophy box inside the Helm, where players can view their unlocked achievements or trophies as actual physical trophies in-game. This would be a great bragging opportunity and to brag about players who have invested a lot of effort in building their pirate legacy. Picking and showcasing the hardest-to-acquire trophies as the centerpiece of a Pirate Captain’s achievements in their career would be a small but sweet way to distinguish dedicated players, especially in the first few months after Skull and bones versions.

It is important to remember that very little is known about Helm functionality in Skull and bones right now, despite Ubisoft Forward content, but there are plenty of possibilities that could make this one of the best parts of the game over time. Regardless of what the Helm ends up being, players will soon be able to take over their own custom pirate lair.

Skull and bones releases November 8 on PC, PS5, Stadia, and Xbox Series X/S.

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