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This letter is in response to Stan Shingara’s April 4 letter to the editor, Freedom Has Never Been Free.

Thank you Mr. Shingara for your service to our country. Before my answer, it is important to understand the definition of socialism and communism.

Webster’s dictionary definition: Communism is a system of government where the state controls the means of production, “a single authoritarian party holds power”. Socialism is a social system in which producers possess political power and the means to produce and distribute goods. A mix of socialism and democracy has served us well for decades. The most notable socialist programs are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, agricultural subsidies, NASA, the military, vaccines, veterans’ health care, and assistance programs.

To suggest that President Biden is the leader of the Democratic Socialist Party is ludicrous. Biden served 36 years in the US Senate and eight years as vice president. There are no politicians, Democrats or Republicans, state or national, who support replacing democracy with socialism.

Communism would never happen in the United States. Biden responsible for high gas prices, runaway inflation, crime, illegal immigrants, drugs killing thousands of Americans, people infected with COVID-19? No facts to support the above.

“Great danger when constantly lying to people, people believe the lies.” Are you referring to former President Trump’s lies about Biden stealing the election?

“National debt of $31 trillion.” $4.1 trillion has been spent on COVID-19. Trump has increased the national debt by $7.7 trillion. When Congress passed Trump’s tax cut for the wealthy and corporations, he drove to his Florida resort town and basically said to his millionaire friends, ‘I just made you millions of dollars. and to me too.

“Compromised military unable to protect the nation.” US defense spending exceeds that of China, India, Russia, the UK, Saudi Arabia and Germany combined. The United States military is made up of the best-trained, best-equipped, and most dedicated men and women on this planet.

William Albertson Sr.


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