Sri Lankan players cannot pay house fees due to contractual disputes with the board, family insurance


The dead end between the Sri Lankan cricketers and the SLC has serious consequences for the private lives of players. According to a report in The Sunday Morning, players cannot pay off loans, EMIs and insurance for their families because they have not received any money from the board.

Several players have not signed the new contracts offered by the board earlier this year as the new contracts will make them lose a lot of money from their previous contracts. Thus the distance between the two parties remains.

The players previously accepted temporary tour contracts for their tour to England and now while visiting India.

Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC). Photo credit: (Twitter)

The same report states that the players wrote a letter to the SLC asking them to honor the contract and pay the old fees as soon as possible.

“Due to the new contract, we haven’t received any payments since January 2021. The players are not aware of the new contract. You must be informed of this in writing. According to the new contract, the players’ salaries have to be cut by 30 percent, ”the letter said.

The lack of annual contracts has resulted in some players not even being able to pay the house payments that insurance their families cannot take out; some have even postponed their marriages.

Angelo Mathews contemplates retiring after quarreling with SLC

Angelo Mathews
Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews. Image AFP

Senior all-rounder Angelo Mathews, who isn’t for that England Tour, resigned from home games against India for “personal reasons”. However, it has been reported that the Mathews is even considering retirement as his and other senior issues with the board of directors over contracts and payments continue.

Under the new central contracts of the board of directors, Mathews had to accept a pay cut of the order of 50,000 US dollars (approx.

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