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The Coalition of Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI), a global partnership of 27 countries that Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched in 2019, will launch a program at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow (from October 31) to help Small Islands (SIS) build their climate resilience. The program, Infrastructure for Resilient Island States, will be implemented between 2022 and 2030 in 58 countries in three geographic regions: the Caribbean; The pacific; and the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and South China Sea. India, Australia and the UK are likely to pledge $ 10 million each for the project and other CDRI initiatives. Japan and the United States offered their technical expertise.

When the developed world still does not receive aid, CDRI’s program, headquartered in New Delhi, is essential. The difficulties of the climate crisis are exacerbated in SIS due to their small area, isolation, exposure and lack of expertise to deal with sea level rise, altered precipitation regimes and storm surges. In addition, any new wave of shocks, such as Covid-19, extends their vulnerabilities. CDRI can assist these states in a number of ways, from developing climate-resistant building codes to designing resilient infrastructure.

The decision to launch the program shows India’s intention at COP26. Even as it demands that the Western world keep its promise to expand climate finance and green technologies to others, India is likely to support long-standing demand from least developed countries and countries most vulnerable to the climate crisis for compensation for the loss and damage they face as a result of the climate crisis.

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