The Sunday Read: ‘What Rashida Tlaib stands for’

Rozina Ali profiles Rashida Tlaib, the 45-year-old Detroit congresswoman who rose from adverse circumstances to play a significant role in American politics, including raising awareness of the ongoing conflict over Palestine.

Tlaib is the only Palestinian American to sit in the House of Representatives, and the first whose family currently lives in the West Bank, whose lives of three million people are, as Ali explains, “intricately shaped by American support for Israel”.

The article explores the criticism leveled at Tlaib, sometimes viciously, by pro-Israel Republicans and Democrats for calling Israel an “apartheid regime” and for his support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which aims to end military occupation by exerting economic pressure. pressure on Israel. She was branded an anti-Semite for her criticism of Israeli politics and became a Fox News career favorite.

But, as Ali explains, Tlaib’s arrival on the national stage coincided with an openness, albeit small, within the Democratic Party to challenge US Israeli policies. As the left gained a legible footing on the national stage, the Palestinian cause became an important part of American leftist politics. And so Tlaib, a democratic socialist more outspoken on domestic issues than she is on the Palestinian cause, found herself at the center of this turn.

Tlaib champions many causes – but what exactly does she stand for?

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