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TThe new stand at Trent Bridge, shaped like an elongated and open glasses case, should bear Broad’s name, for he is not just a student of fast bowling, he is the modern Professor Regius, in addition to his 523 test desks; and without a doubt, he will contribute to the cause of the team to end India’s first rounds. But to tell the truth brutal, he has been sailing since January and this wonderful ordeal he had in Sri Lanka by contributing to the victory of England in a fierce heat. This is his fifth test since then, in which he has taken six wickets at 49 races each; and, no longer a versatile bowling player, he scored 24 points over his eight innings.

Where did this England team go off the rails? They recorded six straight away wins before collapsing from mid-table to mediocrity. It was during the second test in Chennai, when England led 1-0 and reduced India to 86 for three.

England needed Broad, who had replaced Anderson, to become one of the few senior players – perhaps to rebound Rohit like Robinson did here, before he scored 161.

Broad made four balls in his first spell in Chennai and later said he felt short of rhythm which was fair enough as he hadn’t played in a month. But he didn’t grab the ball a second time before or just after lunch.

On the day the England worm turned, Broad threw 11 overs and Olly Stone 15 overs with all the fire and brimstone he could muster.

As Jofra Archer is injured for the rest of the year, Robinson surely needs to be promoted to share the new ball with James Anderson at Lord’s next week and beyond. He’s always on the drummer, and not just verbally (we already knew he had a lot to say).

He has the batsmen playing rather than hanging the ball off the stump, as his famous elders are known to do in the interests of the economy, especially on the second morning here.

Robinson beats both sides; he’s ready for a duel because men are more likely to be in their twenties than their thirties. In the last Lions Test in Australia, Robinson and Craig Overton were the first English bowlers, supported by Brydon Carse, the Durham pitcher who played a role in England’s one-day international series against Pakistan. They got the job done, winning the game for England by nine wickets. Robinson took the most wickets, seven for 147.

If England are to win an Ashes Test this winter or next winter, every time that Australia tour takes place, Robinson will have to be involved again. Notably, England have been rather too quiet on the pitch in their last two series, when they lost 9-0.

What message does Robinson want to deliver to the pilot? “All set, jump, fire torpedoes at Australia.”

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