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Having become a father at 40, actor-producer Tusshar Kapoor thinks it was the right decision at the right time. Spreading his wings, goofy Lucky from the Golmaal franchise found his voice in writing. His first Bachelor Dad book involves

her “unconventional” journey to parenthood. Now that Laksshya Kapoor, born via surrogacy, is five years old, the single dad is opening up about the journey that’s most close to his heart.

Take the call

It was certainly a well-considered decision. The final push was my hunch, that I was ready to be a father. I knew in my heart that this was the right decision for my child and me. At 40, I felt mature enough to take on this responsibility. Neither too young nor too old, it was just what was needed. With Laksshya, I feel complete. My single status allows me to enjoy parenthood without any conflict. But I am a human like the others. Although like any other person, I am open to having a partner, I do not actively seek it.

dad’s life

Life has changed for the better. I thought I was not really a traveler or a social person. After Laksshya came into my life, I like to travel, and now that life is more focused and disciplined, I also like meeting people. I have a very supportive family. They doubted that I would be able to take care of it, but I am an involved parent. What I treasure the most is that I have Laksshya to love and care for, to return home. At the same time, parenthood is an overwhelming responsibility. Days and nights are busy. Sometimes even taking an afternoon nap is a luxury. In particular, lockdowns have given us parents additional responsibilities to keep our children engaged.

Support structure

Laksshya is a very perceptive child. While I have to beg for a hug, he reads between the lines, and always there whenever I need him. I make sure he visits my parents regularly and spends time with the family. In the beginning, I relied on my friends who are very involved parents to guide me. We’re a tight-knit group and we get together for play dates. Now that I’ve been a father for five years, I instinctively know what to do.

Why a book?

I really wanted to share my trip. Writing has also proven to be therapeutic. During the lockdowns, I disciplined myself to sit down and write. It took about 11 months. In a way, this turned out to be beneficial because I was also able to meet the challenges that the confinement threw at single parents like me. I wanted it to be a first person narration. If it was a movie or a web series, that would have been the director’s vision.

Not a fiction reader

I’m not a big fiction reader, but I read a lot of other things. Apart from current affairs, I am passionate about history and writings on Nichiren Buddhism that I am. I sing and follow Buddhist scriptures. Also, I read a lot about parenting.

then and now

I am a very different parent to my parents (Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor). I’m more of a modern parent. At the time, the role of father and mother was well defined. Today, as parents, we have a lot more help, resources and advice available. Single parenthood is no longer a Herculean task. I wouldn’t want to go into which way is better, because we also turned out very well.


After Laxmii, my next film is Maarrich. There is another project in the scripting phase.

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