Utkal Sahitya Samaj honors prominent writers

Linguist Padma Shri Debiprasarna Pattanaik and eminent Odia writer Narasinha Mishra along with other luminaries were honored at the 120th annual convocation of the Utkal Sahitya Samaj.

Presenting various awards including Utkal Ratna to Pattanaik and Sukadev Sahu Upanyasa Samman to Mishra and other awards to eminent literary personalities, Justice Sasikanta Mishra of Orissa High Court said good literature can develop society in general. He praised the efforts of Utkal Sahitya Samaj for the development of good literature. The meeting was chaired by President of Utkal Sahitya Samaj, Tarun Kumar Sahu, and writer Dash Benhur addressed him.
Congratulating Narasinha Mishra, poet Hadibandhu Mishra and Mukunda Satpathy said that Mishra greatly enriched Oriya literature by writing over 100 novels and books of poetry. etc., such as “Sunya Mandapara Santa”, “Bakulbanara Radha”, “Shakuni”, “Amruta Kunda”, “Nila Janha”, “Satabdira Pralaya”, “Belabhumi”, and “Milan”. In “Sunya Mandapara Santha”, which is widely discussed among intellectuals, Mishra illustrates about Aryan traditional religion monasteries, Vedic era monks, all are adorned with empty mandapa saints. Even today, they are the light of the invisible soul of yoga. The number of isolated religions that weighed on the behavior and pronunciation of traditional Aryan religions joined this mainstream, once they flowed in a certain direction. Jainism and Buddhism are among them. These Jainacharyas and great Buddhist monks of the past are meditating in the meditative mandapa of the cosmos. Among the empty cults of Bajrayani Buddhist monks, “Bajra” is the symbol of emptiness. The new religions that came to India in time are based on monotheism. They are also empty worshippers. Their places of worship are symbols of the empty mandapa.

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