Who are the Isulate Britain protesters and what do they want?


The IT manager, from London, helped block the M25 and A13 junction on Monday. She is believed to have been involved in Extinction Rebellion since 2018 and has been involved in actions such as blockades in Waltham Forest.

She describes herself on social media as a “citizen of the world” and “rebel”, as well as a cyclist, walker and gardener.

However, Ms. Eagling was not always so interested in carbon neutral transportation. She traveled to India twice with a group of people who cycled across India. A newspaper written by the “rebel” said they took their bikes with them in their hand luggage.

Her travel blog shows that she has flown to other countries around the world, including Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Dr Diana Warner

The retired Bristol GP had a long history with the Extinction Rebellion protests before being arrested on Wednesday for his involvement in the blockade of the M25.

She previously served as the Green Party parliamentary candidate in the 2015 and 2017 general election for Filton & Bradley Stoke, which is owned by Jack Lopresti, a Tory backbench MP.

She was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage to buildings, including the offices of the British Medical Association.

Dr Warner then went on a six-day hunger strike while in Eastwood Park Women’s Prison, only stopping after learning that conversations about climate change among doctors were “coming in. in the mainstream ”.

David McKenny

Mr McKenny was among several Extinction Rebellion protesters who attempted to confront Sir David Attenborough at home after criticizing the group’s tactics.

The veteran environmentalist and presenter said the group’s illegal protests would alienate people and deter them from tackling climate change.

Mr Attenborough was protecting himself from the coronavirus as four women and two men, including McKenny, knocked on his door.

Dave McKenny refused to submit to his Extinction Rebellion trial at the City of London Magistrates’ Court on Earth Day, April 22. The magistrate found him in contempt of court and sent him to jail for 14 days.

Priyadaka, 60 years old

The Buddhist teacher describes himself as a successful charity fundraiser at the Cambridge Buddhist Center. He regularly travels to India for Buddhist retreats.

In a Youtube video explaining his actions, he said he didn’t want to go to a police cell or the anger of a lot of people, but “we have to act now”. He said the government’s action would be a reward for the public’s negativity and that he understood he was a “real inconvenience” for people at the moment.

Donald Bell, pictured below


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