World Logistics Passport expands its presence in China

The WLP has also agreed to join the China Maritime Silk Road Alliance., which will give Chinese companies faster and more economical access to Asian markets, Latin America, in the Middle East and across Africa, with traders and freight forwarders capable of achieving an annual increase in trade of 5 to 10% on average.

WLP Offers High Value Movement Benefits, light weight goods. Chinese industries with the most to gain from participation in the program include broadcast equipment, computers, office machine parts, telephones and semiconductor devices.

China is already the worldleading exporter of all these product categories, a fact that can be reinforced in 2022 by participating in the WLP, WLP commented.

Chinese merchants and freight forwarders who become WLP members will have access to the various advantages offered by WLP partners, and enjoy the benefits of fast freight tracking, reduce customs clearance times, and the elimination of administrative costs.

Inclusion of China in the World Logistics Passport will also strengthen the WLPs position across Asia.

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